Jack’s Mannequin / Head Automatica / theAUDITION / We Are The Fury @ Philly 2/24

The Electric Factory was absolutely packed.

We Are The Fury was weak, I don’t really understand this band’s appeal. theAUDITION rocked the house, and their new material is really good.

Head Automatica was solid, but the setlist could have used some more older tunes. Daryl is looking/sounding great. Good performance.

And the real reason I was there, obviously, was Jack’s Mannequin. I’ll just get straight to it: this show is in my Top 10 or Top 5 shows I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen hundreds of shows in my life. Andrew’s stage presence was stellar, and his voice was as good as it’s ever sounded. Bobby was perfect on guitar, Jay was great on the skins, and Dr. J has never ceased to amaze me on the bass–the guy, as Andrew put it, is “from another planet”.

The show kicked off with the PA blasting Holiday From Real a capella, and Andrew and co kicking into the song live a minute later or so. The songs they played (not in order):

Holiday From Real
The Mixed Tape
I’m Ready
West Coast Winter (with first-time-ever piano only intro since Bobby’s cab was fucked)
Dark Blue (with special intro)
Miss Delaney
Kill The Messenger (with live outro)
MFEO (with U2 cover in the middle)
Into The Airwaves (with special intro)
Last Straw
She Paints Me Blue
21 And Invincible (JM electric version, different than Soco electric)
All I Have To Do Is Dream

Andrew explained Last Straw (he was sitting at home drinking gin and listening to Katrina reports and decided how he hates Bush, etc). He said how She Paints Me Blue is about living in a small room with just a blue light with a girl–and related it to Dark Blue, about the same girl.

Heroine was a nice surprise, but I’ve always liked how PRP is faster. The Every Brothers cover was great, and he even through in a little “With or Without You” into MFEO. Andrew was definitely getting drunk, putting away the Jagermeister (which he said is his only link to the frat boys in the crowd, haha) and pounding the brews.. he was going on about love energy in the world, and how there’s so much of it in the crowd, etc.. definitely tipsy rambling, it was funny.

He also explained a “dare/challenge” he received: that he couldn’t jump into the crowd, get carried to the sound board, get off, jump on the sound board, then jump back into the crowd and jump back on stage and finish MFEO… needless to say, he completed this task and confetti exploded throughout the EF.

Each of the JM members got an introduction during MFEO, too, and played a nice little solo. Bobby nailed his solo and wouldn’t stop so Andrew kept feeding him alcohol until he’d back down; Dr. J played some ridiculous finger tapping solo on his bass; Jay rocked the drums for a little while before falling back into the MFEO cadence.

One of the best shows I’ve ever seen, every song sounded great, and there were always little surprises thrown into every song, whether it was a new intro/outro, a piano solo, a guitar solo, or some new lyrics. Andrew’s crowd interaction was as fine as it gets, too. Great time.


2 Responses to Jack’s Mannequin / Head Automatica / theAUDITION / We Are The Fury @ Philly 2/24

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  2. J0n says:

    I don’t know about when you saw We Are The Fury, but I’ve seen them twice and I have to say they have one of the best live acts of all time. Seriously, Jeremy is a modern day David Bowie, and the rest of the band is amazing as well. They are one of my all time favorite bands ever.

    And I listened to the Audition and Head Automatica and I wasn’t really impressed.

    I guess you have to like throwback stuff to fully appreciate WATF’s sound.

    But yeah, they are absolutely amazing.

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