Jack’s Mannequin / theAUDITION / We Are The Fury @ Asbury Park 3/2

My third and final show on this tour. Go back a few days and you can check out my other reviews of this tour (click the “Jack’s Mannequin” tags, or just go back–you know what to do).

We Are The Fury didn’t suck this time.. I actually considered their set to be somewhat respectable. I wrote these guys off after their shitty performances in NYC and Philly.. but maybe I’ll give em another shot. They opened the show at like 5:30PM; The Graduate was supposed to play but the Stone Pony wanted the show over by 9PM so they got dicked.. they were still hanging out though. theAUDITION was not as good as the other two nights.

Jack’s Mannequin was stellar, once again. It’s great to see Andrew back at the small clubs (my first experience with JM was the TLA in Philly). A fight between two scene sluts broke out, which was funny.

This was Friday night, it’s now Sunday night, so here’s my best guess at the setlist. These are all the songs, but the order is a little sketchy.

Holiday From Real (with a capella opening through the PA)
I’m Ready (without the first dialog, like normal)
The Mixed Tape (with extended “NYC/LA” rain ending.. no “asbury Park” mentioned, oddly)
The Mixed Tape
Miss Delaney
Dark Blue (with extended introduction)
I’m On Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Last Straw, AZ
She Paints Me Blue
Into The Airwaves (with extended introduction)
West Coast Winter
Changes (David Bowie cover)
MFEO (with brief U2 – With or Without You cover)


1) The band apparently “just learned” the Springsteen cover, inspired by visiting the Stone Pony–the house The Boss built. Andrew said he printed out the lyrics online about an hour before he came on stage. They rigged up this little Cassio for him.. it wasn’t a bad cover for just learning the song. The staff was amused.

2) Changes featured their tour manager, a gentleman whose name I forget. He played the sax.. quite well, too. Great cover. Andrew was saying how they played this a couple of times before, but no one liked it… “…not to say anything negative, but if you don’t like it…………..you can go fuck yourself”, said Andrew to us. I’m glad people knew it, more than the Springsteen cover. Bruce and David, FTW. This brings my non-Soco covers list to: Simon and Garfunkel, The Police, The Everly Brothers, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie…. I think that’s all the covers, too :)

3) I noticed he played the same amount of songs in Philly and Asbruy, but one less in NYC. Weak.

4) Much less drinking for all the band members.. presumably because the show was over by 9PM.

5) Head Automatica was absent, but not billed.

6) Much less song explaining and talking, which was odd. He did say thanks to everyone for being a lot more respectful and not yelling out “PLAY KONSTANTINE”… then of course these little ten year old fat emo girls had to yell out “PLAY KONSTANTINE ANDREW I LOVE YOU OH MY GODZ!!!111”. Of course.

7) JM played excellent. The sound was tight. I miss La La Lie, I’m pretty sure it will be back on the next tour though or at Bamboozle.

8) Does Dr. J have some sort of doctorate? Andrew called him “the only man on stage with a degree in medicine”, but I don’t know if he’s joking.

9) The extended intros… does anyone know if they are partial covers?

10) That’s the end of my JM show reviews; next reviews will be Thursday/Paulson/#12 from Brooklyn, NY. Check out my Philadelphia review and New York City review for more details about this tour.

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  2. […] performed Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”. I saw the band’’s first performance of the song which was fun but not impressive; this time the band nailed the cover, with guitarist […]

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