Jack’s Mannequin @ NYC 4/22

Jack’s Mannequin isn’t new to The Fillmore New York (previously known as Irving Plaza until Spring 2007). Nearly three years ago to the day (April 3, 2006), the venue hosted Andrew McMahon’s first New York performance since being diagnosed with, and recovering from, acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The venue holds just over a thousand standing, and it is usually a great place to catch a show.

A rainy Wednesday made no exception, and Jack’s Mannequin put on an excellent show. Much like the Everything in Transit tours often began with “Holiday From Real” (absent from tonight’s set),  The Glass Passenger tour began tonight with its own first track, “Crashin'”. “The Mixed Tape”, possibly the band’s biggest single, followed, and immediately frontman Andrew McMahon had the entire crowd under his spell.

Jack's Mannequin, not timid to show off their hard-rock side.

Jack's Mannequin, not timid about showing off their hard-rock side.

“MFEO” found a new place in the middle of the setlist, and the band’s performance was as strong as ever. McMahon’s performance of  “Caves” was expectedly beautiful, exploding with the band joining in during the song’s climax. “Bruised” was the last song before a three song encore that showcased “Me and the Moon” from Something Corporate’s North. The band split the setlist fairly even, with just half of the sixteen song setlist coming from the newest record:

Andrew McMahon captures a crowd like few other pop frontmen.

Andrew McMahon captures a crowd like few other pop frontmen.

The Mixed Tape
Drop Out – The So Unknown
Into the Airwaves
I’m Ready
Hammers and String (A Lullaby)
The Resolution
Dark Blue
Me and The Moon (Something Corporate cover)
La La Lie

The set was shorter than the band’s previous stop in New York City with Fun and generally less impressive. Still, it’s really just nitpicking–Jack’s Mannequin sounded great, and few frontmen can capture a crowd the way McMahon manages to. Essentials such as “Bruised” and “Dark Blue” are fine examples of pop-rock songwriting at its finest, and the haunting ballad “Hammers and Strings (A Lullaby)” is beautiful. The band’s final song, “La La Lie”, was dedicated to friendships, a topic not unfamiliar to McMahon’s songwriting.

Songs like “Swim” seem to capture the band’s essence; McMahon demands:

“You gotta swim in the dark…don’t let yourself sink, just find the horizon, I promise you it’s not as far as you think.”

Indeed, Jack’s Mannequin is about celebrating life: its struggles, its rewards, and the people that make it worth living.

Please note all photos are credit to Americanxclouds and used with permission. Thank you.


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