Every Avenue / Valencia @ NYC 7/1

The Highline Ballroom hosted Every Avenue, Valencia, Cash Cash, Sparks The Rescue, and Phone Calls From Home on a Wednesday night in New York City. Although the opening bands would only receive thirty minutes or less, the $10 price point made the night appealing. With no real desire to catch any of the bands except Valencia, I showed up late to catch only the last few Cash Cash songs, which sounded awful. The band exemplifies the “neon band” trend that is so grossly unappealing.



Valencia sounded tight, opening with “Better Be Prepared” and leaning heavily on their latest album We All Need a Reason to Believe (including “Holiday”, “The Good Life”, and “Safe to Say”). Bassist George Ciukurescu and vocalist Shane Henderson controlled the crowd, likely picking up a handful of new fans. The band unfortunately did not play “Tenth Street” or “Away We Go” (two of my favorites from This All Could Be a Possibility, their 2005 debut), but still sounded good through most of the set before closing with “The Space Between”.

Every Avenue

Every Avenue

Every Avenue closed the show, playing their blend of pop-rock meets punk-pop surprisingly well. The band engaged the extremely young crowd and were actually entertaining for their forty-five minute set. I’m fairly unfamiliar with their material, but the band did play “Trading Heartbeats”, “Where Were You”, and “One More Song” in addition to a new song not yet released. Following the band’s brief encore, the venue cleared out fairly early, making room for completely seperate concert: a performance by The Roots, one of their many scheduled dates at the Highline Ballroon.

Photos by: Catherine Powell


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