Recover @ NYC 5/7/2010

With support from Love Automatic and Bombers, Recover played Webster Hall’s basement (officially, The Studio at Webster Hall) on a Friday evening in New York City. Just Recover’s second show in New York City since calling it quits in 2005, the tiny cellar was fairly packed with fans looking to see if Recover still had the fire that made them such an essential live act in the earlier part of the decade.



Recover began at 10:30PM, opening with “Night of the Creeps” from their farewell full-length, This May be the Year I Disappear. “Fuck Me For Free” went next, and the band sounded as crisp as always. “Bad Timing” from the band’s Ceci N’est Pas Recover EP was particularly solid; two new songs went in the middle of the set, with guitarist Robert Mann providing lead vocals on both cuts. Frontman Dan Keyes returned to the microphone on an explosive performance of “Push Push”.



“Downtown”, a deep cut only on a rare disc known as Challenger, was surprising well-received by a crowd that clearly missed the Texas four-piece. As if to say thanks for the longtime support, the band dug back to their 2001 Fueled by Ramen debut and ripped through “Dialogue from a Film”, recalling the days when the band was more closely associated with the hardcore music scene. The back-to-back punches of “Sleeper” and “My Only Cure” just after 11PM were clearly the night’s highlights and also spectacular reminders of why Recover has been so dearly missed.

Night of the Creeps
Fuck Me For Free
Bad Timing
Clouds Higher than Any Bird
No Big Deal
Push Push
Dialogue from a Film
My Only Cure
Pardon the Wait



The band left the stage briefly, but returned with the decade-old “Pardon the Wait” from Rodeo and Picasso. Keyes climbed onto the ceiling’s pipes and dangled upside-down, screaming through the songs’s opening words: “Pardon the hate and the animosity towards your belief system and your hypocrisy!” The crowd rushed forward for the two-minute cut, grabbing at the hanging singer and singing along to every word. By the time Recover finished their twelve-song set, the crowd called for more but ultimately settled on the pleasant news that a new album is coming soon.


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