The Get Up Kids / Kevin Devine @ NYC 11/1

November 1, 2009

On their first full American tour since reuniting earlier in the year, The Get Up Kids approached New York City with a three-night stand across Manhattan and Brooklyn. On the heels of a special Halloween show that found the band performing all of Something to Write Home About, the Kansas City five-piece took aim at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

At home in Brooklyn in front of friends and family, Kevin Devine opened with a solo performance of “Brooklyn Boy” at before being joined by The Goddamn Band for the rest of the set. A few older cuts were tossed into the mix (“Flatline Blur” and “Noose Dressed Like a Necklace” from 2003’s Make the Clocks Move); the set was fairly well spread across his discography.

Kevin Devine

Kevin Devine

Songs from Brother’s Blood were strong, including the enormous title track and the pointed single, “Another Bag of Bones”. Midway through “Carnival” Devine experienced guitar troubles, possibly reducing the forty-minute set from nine to eight songs as the crew struggled to get a working guitar and amplifier on stage. Nonetheless, Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band sounded as strong as ever and adequately warmed the crowd for the feature act. The full set:

Brooklyn Boy
Flatline Blur
Go Haunt Someone Else
Yr Husband
Another Bag of Bones
Noose Dressed Like a Necklace
Brother’s Blood

The Get Up Kids sounded great, reaching across their entire discography from 1997’s Four Minute Mile to their 2004 farewell, Guilt Show. Older songs like “Coming Clean” and “Mass Pike” offered a glimpse into what set The Get Up Kids apart from their peers in their earliest days as a band; 1999 cuts like “Holiday” and “Out of Reach” hinted at the band’s more mature sound that would come full circle with 2002’s On a Wire.

The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids

As highlighted on songs such as “Overdue”, Matt Pryor delivered a strong vocal performance throughout the night. The Cure’s “Close to Me” received quality treatment as part of an encore that even found Pryor stepping up to sing “Ten Minutes” for the first time ever, as the standard singer for the song, guitarist Jim Suptic, was unable to sing due to illness. Keyboardist James Dewees helped fill in on backing vocals where necessary, as well, injecting his more hardcore vocal approach into the mix.

By night’s end, it was hard to want more from The Get Up Kids (except maybe the Suptic-sung “Campfire Kansas”, one of their strongest songs). Held together by the Pope brothers rhythm section–bassist Rob and drummer Ryan–the band was incredibly tight and extremely energetic for more than hour. The band plans to record in 2010; if the night’s performance is any indication, the upcoming songs should sound phenomenal.

All photographs by the extremely talented Kenami.

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