Motion City Soundtrack / Farewell / Eons @ NYC 9/18

September 19, 2007 hosts free shows from time to time across the country, and thankfully New York City’s Knitting Factory was chosen to host Motion City Soundtrack on the day Even If It Kills Me hit stores. I arrived early to ensure I’d get in (in fact, three hours before the first band took the stage) and grabbed one of the last wristbands available. The venue is tiny (the free posters handed out after the show were hand-numbered up to 450, though I suspect the venue’s size is closer to 250), and the sound is always superb.

Even with the intimate setting and strong acoustics, openers Eons were still anything but special. My friend described them as “awkward”, which is a kind way of explaining how terrible their performance was. The songs were weak and lacked any sort of lead guitar playing, despite having two guitarist on stage. The cheesy effects and terrible guitar tones, coupled with a very weak frontman, made this band a chore to listen to. Thankfully, though, they kept their set short and left the stage after about twenty minutes.

Farewell followed Eons; they can best be described as a typical, uninspired punk-pop/emocore blend band that can be lumped into any of a hundred other bands that combine “edgy” sound and dual vocals with a completely unnecessary synthesizer. Though much better than the first act, the band isn’t anything special or worth listening to.

All boredom from the previous bands was immediately erased when Motion City Soundtrack took the stage at nearly 10PM. The band wasted no time getting into Even If It Kills Me–something I’m happy about, since I’ve heard nearly every song from their first two albums more times that I can count–with “Fell In Love Without You”. In fact, nearly half the new album was showcased this evening, and the band played each song flawlessly, aside from the single “Broken Heart”, during which Justin Pierre botched a few lines. The band played a full seventeen-song set (not in order):

Throw Down
The Future Freaks Me Out
My Favorite Accident
Capital H
Attractive Today
Everything Is Alright
Make Out Kids
Time Turned Fragile
Better Open The Door
Hold Me Down
Fell In Love Without You
This Is For Real
It Had To Be You
Broken Heart
Point Of Extinction

Only four songs came from pre-2005, but at least dance-ready “Throwdown” was in the mix as the final song before the encore (which would feature Commit This To Memory kick-off track “Attractive Today” and the band’s essential “The Future Freaks Me Out”). While I’ll certainly miss some incredible songs from I Am The Movie, I’ve been lucky enough to hear them many times and it’s very refreshing to hear the new material.

Motion City Soundtrack goes on a two month tour between mid-October and mid-December, and I’ll definitely be seeing them once again at some point in November, as they continue to showcase why they are one of the top live acts in the game today.